One of the most exciting things about this series is that it is a hybrid, meaning that is both a linear narrative, and an anthology. Each chapter takes place in an entirely different time period, often with a new cast, yet they are all carefully connected by a greater storyline and the ancestry of the characters.

This format affords us the freedom, and opportunity, to swing wildly between not only disparate locations and time periods, but genres as well! And whereas Horror is our focus, mystery, science fiction, drama and suspense aren’t far behind! Imagine a series like Black Mirror, but with interconnected characters, and a season long story arc that culminates in an epic finale!

It’s also important to note, that although this series is inspired by HP Lovecraft and written to exist in the world he created, an audience doesn’t need to be familiar with Lovecraft to enjoy it. In fact, the entire season one of Black Goat is based exclusively on the story ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’, and yet you will not miss one thing if you haven’t read it. Nothing we have created is an adaptation of a Lovecraft story, but rather we use his characters and concepts to create all new content around his original story. In essence we make prequel’s to flesh out the past, and sequels to bring it to the present. Each story is completely it’s own narrative, full of depth complexity and excitement.

That said, if the viewer happens to be a Lovecraft fan like we are, it will simply deepen and enrich the experience. Fans who know the source material will likely smile with satisfaction as they get all the arcane references and discover the hidden Easter eggs!

And you can bet there will be easter eggs. Lots of them!